We help life sciences and biotech companies like Bioven bring new drugs and technologies to market.




With fair conversion rates and fees for money transfers in 36 different currencies, companies like Transferwise have changed the way people interact with legacy businesses.




Music, digital publishing, internet and social media mavericks like Soundcloud have opened up new ways to share, create and publish.




From seed to late stage through M&A, JAG Shaw Baker is a strategic law firm that helps investors, high-growth companies and entrepreneurs own their market.


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Each company has its own DNA and at JAG Shaw Baker our DNA is expertise and excellence.

Founded in 2013, JAG Shaw Baker is a strategic law firm central to the European technology and venture capital ecosystem. We advise entrepreneurs, companies and investors in high-growth markets through every stage of their company’s life.


We advise Europe’s leading investors, VC firms, accelerators and incubators on how to sustain, grow and protect their investments from inception to exit.

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High-Growth Companies

From acorn to unicorn, we stand by our clients as they grow and help them to create strong global businesses.

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Start-up, scale-up, speed-up, spin-out and late stage friendly, we connect, advise and help entrepreneurs through every stage of their company’s life.

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April 10, 2018 in News, Startups

Client News: MediaGamma Closes £2 M Round

Rael Cline, Co-founder and CEO, MediaGamma Congrats to our client MediaGamma who closed a £2m round from the UCL Technology Fund in partnership with ParkWalk Advisors and the London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF). MediaGamma is a predictive analytics software company that uses an enterprise-grade reinforcement machine learning platform to deliver decisions in under five milliseconds. Predictive analytics MediaGamma uses its ad tech machine learning platform in programmatic advertising, building and training more accurate user-profiling and bidding algorithms that vastly reduce customer acquisition costs for their clients. Howard Watt, partner, JAG Shaw Baker believes ad tech is not going away anytime soon.…
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24 & 25 2018, Vienna

Meet our co-founder and partner Tina Baker at Pioneers 18 in May.

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